By Gauri Kulkarni

         The project is about the elderly people who visit certain places daily according to their routine like parks, post offices, hospitals, vegetable vendors, markets etc. This project is about knowing them and trying to bond with them. And also coming across the problems that they face in their day to day life because of no proper facilities available. The facilities are not elderly friendly, or not made keeping elderly people In mind. This project will allow us to go understand them in a better way and to know their problems.
           My idea is to install a new chamber/counter in a Bank where many elderly people visit, this counter will strictly be accessible to senior citizens only. And this counter will be dedicated only in the welfare of elderly people who visit the Bank. To dedicate the service to include them with us and not exclude! So the main idea is to install a new counter for them and to show complete hospitality. This counter will also have a place for elderly to stand and support, like a bar at the side to hold. A small arm rest attached in front of the counter to write or rest on. A small pen stand at the corner attached to the counter so that it won’t cause a mess searching for a pen here and there. I am also thinking of introducing a new system in one corner of the bank where ill place some Mp3’s with headphones, which will play all the elderly related policies to give them a detailed information
            This project is done for the elderly. The project is done so the we could do some changes and help them, by making the surroundings and various elderly frequented places quite friendly for them to come around and engage. This project will make the bank visits really comfortable and less of a chaos for the elderly, sometimes there are such situations where there are long queues and a lots of mess around. Old people who may be traveling from a far away distance cutting through the city traffics might find it exhausting, and then get irritated because of the queues, so to reduce the work and irritation and the trouble caused to the elderly people, I am proposing this project idea.
             It is important to do so, because it is our responsibility to make sure that the places our parents/grandparents visit are friendly enough for them to adjust, engage and find comfortable. As there could be many problems we don’t know, or they don’t tell us, but if we observe, there are problems they face at each and every step. So to reduce their problems and give them a problem free life to a certain extent, it is important to make elderly frequented places friendly.
               Following are some points that will justify the idea behind this project.
Ruling out most of the problems that are faced by the elderly during his visit to the Banks.
Designing and installing an extra cabinet/room/corner dedicated to the elderly so they don’t have to wait in the queues.
An arrangement/design through which it would be 70% user-friendly than what it is right now, and to put on some extra efforts and to show a good hospitality towards them and empathize with them.
To reduce their work to as minimal as possible, because they aren’t as patient as us or don’t have the strength left. Keeping their age in mind and the problems faced by them, I think an extra counter should work fine.
Accessibility for a user-friendly environment.
Access to a new technology for them that is headphones which will keep them updated about policies for senior citizens.
So these are my project points and my working for the first project proposal.

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